Savannah Area Mensa

Executive Committee and Other Key Personnel:

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Paul SommervilleLocal Secretary(843) 575-0827
Susan DaggettDeputy Loc Sec(801) 540-7575
Kathy HaileSecretary(912) 391-9412
Rick RantillaTreasurer(919) 279-3045
Carol Brady FonvielleMembership Chair(912) 927-3663
Cedric StrattonTesting Proctor Coordinator(912) 414-3297
Anne-Marie GraysonNewsletter Editor(912) 257-8714
Carol Brady FonvielleScholarship Chair(912) 927-3663
Kathy HaileActivity Coordinator(912) 391-9412
Susan DaggettWebsite, S.I.G.H.T.(801) 540-7575
Mark IshigeBon Vivant SIG(843) 476-6957
Susan DaggettGames and Guacamole SIG(801) 540-7575
Paul SommervilleOmbudsman(843) 575-0827
VacantSocial Network Coordinator

New Webmaster and Assistant Webmaster Wanted. Contact Susan Daggett if you are interested.
Also, Social Network Coordinator(s) needed for Facebook, Twitter, etc. Contact Kathy Haile if interested.

Area Coordinators Needed for the Following Areas:
  • Beaufort
  • Brunswick/St. Simons Island
  • Hilton Head
  • Richmond Hill
  • Savannah
  • Statesboro

Area coordinators do such things as coordinate rides and coordinate meet-ups in their local areas. Wouldn't it be great to have coffee with fellow local Mensans once a month? Contact Carol Brady Fonvielle if you are interested.

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